For your understanding we will briefly explain who are public adjusters, and general information regarding service our firm could provide for you.


A. Purpose of system: It is system to protect the benefit of insured (home, and/or business owner), who is lack of specialized knowledge in adjustment of property loss. Public adjuster means the insurance adjusters who do not work for your insurance company. Public adjuster work for you, the insured, to assist in the preparation, presentation and settlement of your claim. Public adjuster is required to be licensed, bonded, and tested by State of California to represent your interest only.

B. Agency oversees and authorized to issue Public Adjuster license: California State, Dept. of Insurance.

C. Qualification: meet pre-license work experience standard set by California State, Dept. of Insurance along with who has passed test and fingerprint/back ground check. For interim public adjuster license applicant’s work experience is partially waived with endorsing public adjuster’s endorsement. For more detail information please visit www.insurance .ca.gov.

D. Person/entity adjusts your claim: Your insurer’s staff adjuster, and/or their independent adjuster, and public adjuster, and yourself as insured; attorney may adjust your claim should you wish to file lawsuit against your insurer.

Q. Who is appointing PA/Public Adjuster?

A. For those own their houses, condo, apartment, business, commercial building, warehouse, and other real property, and has insurance policy. Damage to above listed properties with following perils:
• Water loss- Sudden discharge of water from plumbing fixtures, and intrusion of rain water from roof.
• Fire, vandalism, theft.
• Property losses result of an accident, example; a drunk driver drives into your kitchen.
• Other incident those were accidental in nature that caused damages to your real (structural), and personal property.

B. In spite of having constantly paid the costly insurance premium on time until above mentioned perils damaged your real (structural) and personal property and when you try to restore to prior to loss condition with your insurance company and experienced disappointment because of insurance company’s attempt to either full deny, or partial deny your claim, and/or influencing you to elect insurance company’s preferred general contractor to restore your damaged real (structural), and personal property.

C. For those who have received insurance proceed from insurance company, and yet amount you have received will not be enough to restore your property back to pre-loss condition. And, you may have to spend significant out of pocket expenses to restore your property back to pre-loss condition.

Q. Why should we trust Jae Park & Associates, Inc. for our insurance claim adjustment?

A. Our public adjusters previously worked at major insurance companies and experienced various types of claims and handled over thousands claims.

B. Since our public adjuster previously worked at major insurance carrier we understand insurance carrier’s motives, and tactics, and their position and tendencies to adjust your claim. Through our past work experience we will represent your claim from your side and assist you to receive benefits listed under the policy.

C. Not all public adjuster has previous experience as insurance carrier’s large and complex loss staff adjuster, and by choosing right public adjuster would make significant differences in your settlement.

Q. When should we call Jae Park & Associates, Inc. for assistance?

A. Best time to contact our firm is NOW. Our ability to affect outcome of the claim can be diminishes with the passing of time. We represent you not the insurance company and assure you our office work diligently to ensure that everything you are entitled to under terms of your insurance policy will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly with insurance company’s staff adjuster.

Q. How does appointed Public Adjuster’s fee decided?

A. You need to pay only the agreed percentage of insurance proceeds. If you don’t receive any insurance proceeds than we won’t receive any commission for our work as well.

B. The agreed percentage of insurance proceeds is clearly stated on the contract, according to the agreement with you at the time of appointing Public Adjuster in contract.

C. There is no fee for telephone counseling.

D. It is also free of charge for first visit for counseling.
Should you have any further questions, or concerns regarding your claim, please contact us anytime. We promise to reply with sincerity.

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